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    Post Kindom of Targa

    novaTOPO was busy again.
    This time the "Kingdom of Targa" has been mapped.
    Targa is a micronation like my Gran Novara and is mapped on OIK and CartA.

    Itīs made by Inkscape, the shaded-relief is a pixel-based inlay made by PS.
    Hope you like it.

    The map of Targa
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    I like it quite a lot! Now I'm wishing I'd approached my current Illustrator project like that--I think it would look much nicer. I may yet go back and change it.
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    That's a lovely map. This is an excellent motivation for taking up inkscape and trying to produce something in this style. Very pretty.

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    Post I could do this in Xara!

    I really like those mountains! I think I could create this entire map in Xara, including those mountains - gives me some inspiration as well. Have some REP for pointing out this style of map!

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    Very nice, very clean. Well done.
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    Man! Everytime I see these maps I feel like I am turning pages of a Rand-McNally Atlas. well done sir!
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    Very well done! looks great!

    Is there some alternate earth thing? CartA has some similarities to earth - North America, Africa, Europe - particuarly italy.

    anyway - nice work, great colours. I too like the way you've done those mountains.

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    Praise Comments on Al Targa

    Hello, Ruedy.

    If there is one thing that stands out to me concerning Al Targa is the clean and crisp lines of the map. I most definitely want to completment you on your neatness in your map-making.

    Beyond that, the map is what I would refer to as a functional work of art. Functional in the sense that it is informatory, detailed enough to find the most important information without being cluttered and a very useful reference. A work of art in that it is beautifuly done with excellent elevation data and a superb road layout for the traveler to use.

    I am quite interested in the methodolgy you used to create the map. I really like your symbol use as well as your terrain notations -- eleveations, mountains, waterways, land forms, etc. What applications / techniques did you use to create your map?

    Very well done. Thanks for sharing your project.


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    @ Jezelf: No, itīs not an altnernate world-project. All nations on the map are board-based and virtual nations. Some of them have partially role models of real world... for example the "italy" - randomly my own nation - choosed the landscape to use some satirical stereotype of italy. The prospect know at once what waits for him. Wine, sunglasses and the "godfather"...

    @ Vandy: Sorry, english is not my mother-tongue. So I have really problems to articulate those intricate things understandable.
    I tried it in an other thread:

    "Create ten or fourteen altitude stages in inkscape(b / w, with the lowest black, white represents the highest point), Gaussian Blur, on Alpha channel expose, which already has one shadow. Shadow-level color level set, mode: Multiply, opacity adjust. Some things, such as rivers, but you have to manually refine.
    At last I do the fine parts in a new layer with sharp tool in black contrasts, then negative-multiplication (Screen) an set Layer Style to Bevel and Emboss."

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