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Thread: The World of Etrakien - by Clercon

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    Map The World of Etrakien - by Clercon

    Map (Click to enlarge)

    Created in: Photoshop


    Colourful, clear and beautiful are three words that can be used to described Clercon's map of the world of Etrakien. The sinuous mountain lines echoed by the continental shapes give this map a distinctive style and an ethereal beauty which is complemented by the colour scheme chosen.

    The Guild has been honoured to see this map from conception to completion. We applaud Clercon for a fine contribution.

    Artist's Notes
    This map depicts the world of Etrakien. It’s a dark fantasy world mainly populated by humans, so no Elves, orcs or dwarves.

    The map was meant to be a big overview map to give me an idea of what I’m dealing with. Where are the countries? How many countries are there? Before starting up the map the only area that I had a quite clear view of was the area around Ankh-Bathor. The largest and most important city in the Etrakien world.

    As you can see I’ve only named the countries and seas in this map. That’s on purpose. First of all I don’t have all the names yet, and if I’m going to wait to finish this map till I do, well the map will never be done. I also think that the map has a cleaner and nicer look without all the names…so well I left them out. It will also look prettier on my wall when I print it out :-)

    I also left out the scale…..that’s because I’m not a 100 % sure of the scale yet, and will probably never bee. But approximately the sea called “Etrakiska sjön” is about the same size as the Mediterranean sea. Just so you now.

    Well hopefully you have enjoyed the long journey with me creating this map. I’ve had a great time and without all the help and support I’ve got from this forum it never would have turned out the way it did.

    Original Thread
    Click here to view the original thread and find additional links to the WIP thread.

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    Jättesnygg karta.

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    Absolut! En mycket fin karta! (Absolutely! A really excellent map!)

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    Hi Ravells, I've just seen your map of Etrakien and I fell in love with it. It's so clean and stunning... I have a request for you: I'd like to use it as a world map for my D&D campaign, strictly for personal use and I'd like to translate it in italian, changing the names that are a bit too alien for us. Do you think it would be possible to have an high resolution version without labels?
    Thanks a lot!

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    @Bk1 - The map was actually created by Clercon - Ravells created the post in this forum as these are largely decided on by the Community Leaders.
    My Finished Maps | My Challenge Maps | Ghoraja Juun, my largely stagnated campaign setting.

    Unless otherwise stated by me in the post, all work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steel General View Post
    @Bk1 - The map was actually created by Clercon - Ravells created the post in this forum as these are largely decided on by the Community Leaders.
    Oh, pardon me! I'll try to contact clercon!

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    Hello Bk1

    Of course are you welcome to use the map for your campaign. If you PM your mail address to me I send you the map in high res without any names.

    I hope your campaign turns out well.


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    Thank you very much Clercon! I'll send you a PM as soon as this forum will allow me! It seems that at least 10 posts are needed before the option is available.

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    Spam the forum!

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    Praise Wow

    I'm amazed at the amazing talent and unique maps people come up with

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