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Thread: December Entry: Seige at Barnett Chapel

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    Map December Entry: Seige at Barnett Chapel

    Here is my December entry. This is Barnett Chapel. During an evening wroship service, the corpses in the cemetery were brought back to life and the undead beasts laid seige to the chapel. As the ghouls were breaking through the barricaded stained glass, the 12 church members fled out the back to try to escape. Several tried to hide in the rectory, but the ghouls found them there. The remaining nine made their final stand at Mr. Darrow's home.

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    Very nice. I like the art in this one wherever that came from. Did you draw the chapel or houses ?

    It doesn't lose anything by cropping a chunk of the left side away and focusing on the action.

    Cool, ill add this to the current thumbs...

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    Yeah another entry! I like this, but I agree with RedRobes you could crop it down without losing any of the 'niceness'.
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    Post JFjr got his wish!

    JFjr, posted in the Dec Entry intro thread, that he wished someone would create a Zombie Siege map - looks like he got his wish!

    Nice entry!

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    Love the trees and the ISO style. Might want to thicken up the arrows but looks good anyway.
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    The trees are fantastic!!! Beautiful work. Maybe texture the roads a bit for consistency? They look a little flat compared all the other gorgeous stuff on the map. Beautiful work, map vandal.

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