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    Wip The World of Hyboria - hand-drawn

    Well no WIP, yet - not even a placeholder, however... my next "personal project" will be the accurate, artistically rendered recreation of Conan's World of Hyboria, based on this map.

    Its not a commission job, its just my initiative on something that currently does not exist. There's a long discussion and facts on essays by Conan scholars on what is accurate of Hyboria, on the Mongoose Publishing Forums... (There doesn't seem to be a way for me save a short-cut link to the exact page) Go to the Conan Forum, and the I Like This Map thread.

    I plan to use much of the style, though different mountains and hills, as my September Challenge Map - Archean Trade League. The mountains and hills will be more traditional upsidedown "V"s and flattened "U"s, with hand-shading and my own style.

    If Mongoose Publishing wants it, great, but I'm going to start after the first of the year. As I mentioned towards the end of that thread, it might also be cool to continue the hand-drawn style and create Kingdom by Kingdom regional maps of at least Western Hyboria.

    Might get me some Conan noteriety, if nothing else, maybe!

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