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Thread: I could use some help!

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    Post I could use some help!

    I picked up Como for CC3 and I want to make

    Look like this

    The first is a Smooth poly trace of the construction line tool used to make a hull
    The second is the texture from the hull tool menu...From what I can tell when you use the tool it draws the outline on the hull sheet but drops the texture on the texture sheet...

    Any help please.. I have read every thing I could find on cosmo and CC3 and I am having no luck!


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    One of the few softwares for CC3 I do not have.

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    Ok so how do you fill a ploy with a hatch fill in CC3

    I thnk thats all o need


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    Quote Originally Posted by Vooddoo-fire View Post
    Ok so how do you fill a ploy with a hatch fill in CC3

    I thnk thats all o need

    You would use the Change Fill command which can be used from the tool bar on the left or type CHANGEFS on the command line. Select the entity you want to modify and click the "do it" command or type d. Use the dialog box to select the type of fill you want to change to.

    Hope that helps.

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    Ok that was so easy ....Thanks....


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    Be sure to post your finished ship!
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