Here's a project I've been working on in Dungeon Designer 3.

This is a map of a vampire's castle loosely based on the castle map found in WotC's Heroes of Horror. I created the floor from an image I found at Will's Hand Made Dungeon Floorplans. I really like the way the muddy, trampled grass turned out around the castle - I did a lot of experimenting (which I'm chalking up as time well spent) with the various sheet effects in combination to get it to look right. I'm not sure I'm done with this map yet - it still needs something - thus I'm posting it in the WIP forum. I'd also like to swap out the tree symbols with some more realistic pine trees. I plan on eventually using this for a True20 Hammer Horror style campaign.

Here's what the image looks like with CC3's powerful sheet effects turned off:

As always, thoughts and criticisms are most appreciated.