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    Hi RPGamers,

    My name is Mike H. and i'm very interrested in the playing of the RPG game called Neverwinter Nights. It is not an annoying MMORPG, it's a normal RPG, but very good to play online.

    I'm writing it here because i've got running one project with my bro (twin ) for NWN1 online server, caled Ilandria, and i'm DM leader and he's Team Leader of the team.
    We needed to make a map so i tried CC3 and i was very wondering about the functionality of it! It's just very cool! And as far as i can see, in this super community, i can read all the tutorials for GIMP etc.. and instructions How To do things, it's very amazing!

    Since i was making my first map, i've found out that it's very funny and not boring for me, so i think i've found the interrest in making the maps!

    I'm newbie-skilled mapper, but i've got my own fantasy in my medieval head!

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    Welcome again. I have found CC3 can be very useful in mapping out a NWN 1 campaign world.

    Below is a NWN world I was involved in for a bit. First the 'Regional' map in standard CC3 map format (yes the continent was a reverse of Australia), the second is a map of each of the play areas for the Persistent world, and the third is a map of the In-Game tiles overlaid on the WORLD map to show how the two were closely meshed.

    Best of luck in your efforts sir!
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    Welcome Aboard!
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    Thanks! I just took an inspiration of the blur & glow effects of the water & land continent... i learned today a lots of things abou the maps in here! hell yeah!

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    Welcome to the guild!

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