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    Post Bonjour à tous

    Hi all,

    I'm Mörkhdull from Belgium...
    Playin D&D since 1984 and drawing map since that time...
    With year, I learned using mapping softwares (mainly Dundjinni for Dungeons and Fractal mapper for world mapping)
    I also cast plaster mold to build dungeon so that my player can move in a 3D setting

    I can't promize you to post often but be ensure that I'll visit this site-forum daily...

    Here's my biggest project

    So big that I don't know if it would be finished, one day


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    That, my friend is what they call a BIG ASS MAP!

    Welcome to the guild!
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    Welcome to the guild, Morkhdull!

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    Wow. Nice work. Can you scale it down, just for the forum post?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoel View Post
    Wow. Nice work. Can you scale it down, just for the forum post?
    ^^^ I am with Hoel. It's hard to admire your map right now, it's too big for my monitor

    I would suggest uploading it through the forum. You will get a nice thumbnail then
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    Welcome Aboard!

    Big map, big...well ummm, err never mind.
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    As an American I can truly appreciate the "bigger is better" kind of thing here. I like this map, and not just for the sheer size. There is a lot of promise here. Well done, can't wait for the finished map.
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