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Thread: It is here ~ The Gamer's Cookbook!

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    Link It is here ~ The Gamer's Cookbook!

    Howdy all, it has been a while since I have lurked on these forums. A lot has happened in my life over 2008. Work, promotion and such has held me back from playing a lot. That is set to change.

    One thing I have been kicking around for a while is a cookbook aimed at gamers. Now, I do not have the means to go out and print out a huge cookbook, so I have the next best thing. I would like everyone to meet:

    The Gamer's Cookbook

    There is not much in there now, and the theme is a work in progress. I would like everyone to know that it is a community based affair. If you have a recipe you would like to submit, head over to the blog, and submit it that way. Perhaps you would like to do it "in character."

    Anyhow, I am happy to set this off, so visit today, and enjoy!
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    Post Reminds me of a recipe...

    Reminds me of a job I did for a local Credit Union - each year they produce an employee cookbook, getting recipes from employee to fill the book.

    One lady who apparently does not cook at all, but was still required to enter a recipe created: M&M salad.

    Open a bag of plain M&Ms and a bag of peanut M&Ms pour into a large bowl, gently toss until evenly mixed, then serve at room temperature! That's it.

    I printed the cookbook and I know that that recipe is in there - too funny!


    PS: though I can and have cooked, that recipe isn't too far off for something I'd offer, so I won't!
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    one of the girls in my gamer group LOVES to cook, and often uses the gaming group as guinea pigs for some of her fantastic creations. I'll send her right over.
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