This line of thought was somewhat inspired by the posting of a starwars freighter layout. One thing that has often bothered me about role playing is how often you end up playing a vagabond, some homeless super hero that wanders from city to city, castle to castle, dungeon to dungeon, etc, etc. Rarely do we have the time in a game to have our characters settle down and form a home. After all, what fun is deciding on paint colours when there is a dragon to slay?

So, if you are a member of a party that is always on the move to bigger and better things, how can you have a bit of home to call your own? Why, that is what this challenge would be about.

Design a home that you can always have access to while traveling on about your adventures. Your home must be able to follow you anywhere in the world your characters can travel, within reason such as trips into caves or similar confined spaces you might not be able to take it. Sailing ship, Airship, Space ship, Winnebago, Yurt, portable hole in space that leads to your back door to the manor house. Whatever you call home it should have an interior layout with details, and optional exterior views.

Bonus points for including a list of characters who inhabit your mobile home, and why each section suits the character that lives there or the group as a whole.