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Thread: Medieval map creation project, give me your thoughts

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    Post Medieval map creation project, give me your thoughts

    I would like to hear you thoughts of the attached map I have been working on. This is still under construction and I'm currently adding more details and fixing some problems. This map is not intended to replicate real world by means of vegetation distribution etc. The main purpose is to suit into my medieval roleplaying campaign, so I have taken some liberties while creating it.
    The attached map is about 1/3 of the full map I have. The full map is 4000 x 6000 pix and each pixel represents 100m. When printed, 1millimeter represents 1 kilometer.

    I'm using Photoshop CS3 and each vegetation, roads, cities etc has their own layer. I have couple of problems though: You may have noticed that forests for example are not transparent, meaning that if there is a forest over the hills, only the forest is seen and hills are not visible. I have not been able to create satisfactory workaround for it so far. Another problem is that mountains look a bit like paste-ons (which they actually are).

    But please let me know your thoughts in good and bad...
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