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Thread: Designing a Modern Highrise Office Floorplan

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    Post Designing a Modern Highrise Office Floorplan

    To provide myself with some inspiration, I recently purchased some Modern Floorplans from the e23 online store. While they are cheap and quite useful as is, there is fortunately some room for improvement. In particular, when I analysed the floorplan of the Average High-Rise Building I noticed that there were too many washrooms of insufficient size and no on-floor utilities access or janitor closet. The attached image shows the common elements I believe should be present on each floor. I still need some advice though.[list=1][*]Washrooms - Are they big enough? Should the restaurant level have additional facilities for its patrons? [*]Emergency Exits - Should they be inside the entry level stairwell or next to it?[*]Fire Extinguishers/Hoses - Where should they be placed?[*]The Great Divide - I've put glass doors and windows in the dividing wall between the elevator and main sections of each floor. Is this a good idea?[*]Other Levels - Downtown highrises are becoming more multifunctional to maximize profits. Should I add
    1. basement and/or garage level(s)?
    2. a second office level floorplan for small independant renters (doctors, detectives, lawyers, etc.)? The current design assumes a single major corporate tenant.
    3. a mezzanine level to the restaurant?
    4. a shopping mezzanine above the entry level?
    5. hotel rooms or apartments?
    6. a rooftop helipad?
    [/list:b2212a6529]Any advice (and leads to good graphics) would be greatly appreciated.

    EDIT: Modified attachment to show support pillars and some colour.

    EDIT 2: Moved windows to make room for 8 more outside pillars. Added bitmap textures for flooring. Moved doors of utility/storage rooms to face north. Realigned grid.


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