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    Concetron is the capital of my fantasy world and it was the first city map I created with City Designer 3 (and I actually think it was the first city map I *ever* did). I think I improved my skills the last few months by creating dozens of maps and I wanted to do a new version of Concetron. Below you'll see the first version and my latest attempt. This map took 30+ hours to create and right now I think I will scream if I have to place another house or field

    Concetron is the capital in the world called The Valley, which for centuries has been ruled by very powerful and sadistic wizards. After years of wars, famine and abuse a revolution spread across the land. Concetron was the first of the great cities to fall to a host of revolutionists. The wizard ruler Téodan was betrayed by his own guards, who in fear of a revolt in the city itself, opened the gates to the host outside.

    Nowadays Concetron is the government seat of the Alliance, an organisation that rules most of the Valley. It was raised from the ashes of the revolution. The palace were the wizards once lived is now occupied by the Alliance regent.

    Concetron is not Valley's most populous city, but the city and surrounding villages still contain over 30.000 inhabitants. The canals and walls were once pet projects of the wizards who ruled there and they employed thousands of slaves to create them. The canal was supposed to run to Ravenburcht, but was never finished.

    There is a large merchant class in the city and they are very influential, controlling almost all the trade and business in the northern part of the Valley. The Rats Quarter is basically the slums and it has grown to its current size of the years. The merchants would like nothing better then to see the Rats Quarter destroyed, but the Alliance know that they would face a revolt if they tried to displace the people there. There's still a lot of conflict in the Valley and refugees are flocking to the north, making the Alliance even more hesistant.
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