Hi all !

At least I can post the map I've been working on for the last two months... I would have wanted to ask your advice sooner but I wanted to keep it for this challenge... So this is it : the map of my own fantasy world, Lorac.

Here are a two questions that need answers :
1. Grid or no grid ?
2. State borders of no state borders ?

Note that, as the map is intented to be used in my campaign, it is written in french (except for a few city and country names for which I used mostly real languages - welsh, gaelic, german,...). Don't be afraid to ask if you see anything that needs translation.

The aim of the map design was to be clean and clear, no useless (even though nice) elements.

Most of the mapping elements are home-made. The only things I used that I didn't do myself are fonts (used Dukeplus, Chantelli Antiqua and Deutsche Zierschrift).

I'm ready to take good note of your comments ! Hope you like it !

NB : There seems to be a problem with the Guild's database, so I posted the image HERE. Note that it is a progressive image so it could take some time to show good quality. Also note that this is a "small" version (5400*3600), the full version is 10800*7200...