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    Hey all, I'm Chris, and my random google clicking led me here yesterday. I've always liked drawing maps, so much so that even when I'm a player in a campaign I end up drawing maps for the DM. Now I'm in the process of starting a new world for my players to die.. er.. adventure in. Just here to pick up some tips and chat with some like minded crazies.

    I'll try posting some maps later in the day if I get the chance.

    I'm also debating whether to pick up CC3. Most of the maps I've made and been really happy with have been handdrawn, but I'm hoping to put my Photoshop experience into use and computer generate the maps for this campaign. I picked up inkscape to tinker with as well.

    That's me in a nutshell. Fire away.

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    Welcome to the Guild.

    Is CC3 worth it? I think so, but then I am Biased
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    Welcome Aboard!

    I'm not a CC3 user so I can't say if its worth it or not. But the folks here who use it are able to put out some pretty durn cool stuff!
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    Theres a whole heap of software used around here. People tend to settle down with one or two apps after a while and get a style which sticks with them. I guess its better to use what you know and progress it rather than take the hit of learning something new. Sometimes its the unusual tools which makes for a style which is also unusual and therefore distinct and interesting. If your new then I would suggest looking around until you find styles you like and then finding out what apps created them and see if they all point in the same direction.

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    I agree with the above in what they have said but I always say this to the new members as a bit of matter what you use in terms of software, it's the journey that's fun (or in our case the creation of a world spun out of our own minds). No matter what style you gravitate towards the journey of learning what your chosen software can and cannot do also has its own rewards. Pushing it to the limit sounds rather X-Games but it's what we have fun doing, right? Welcome to The Guild.
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    If you already have some experience with Photoshop, I say stick with that. Check out Ascension's continent tutorial:

    And also Butch Curry's video tutorials on YouTube:

    If you have some funds available for your new hobby, I suggest a drawing tablet first. It takes some time to get used to using one, but once you're familiar with it you'll find it indispensable. In my opinion, at any rate.
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    Welcome Aboard!

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