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    Post [Region 1][Map 25][Location 3] - Callie's Thicket

    Here's a WIP of Callie's Thicket, a collection of halfling villages nestled in a small protrusion on the northern edge of the Old Woods in the Witchlight Strand.

    The halflings have a long history of violence with the goblins in the Blackblade Forest north of the Laughing Hills. Legend has it that the Blackblade Forest and the Old Woods were once a single woods until a powerful surge of magical energy--no one knows which side it came from--permanently scarred the land in between.

    In more recent years the goblinoid tribes have re focused their attention north to the Bloodspires, and gnolls have overrun the nearly inhabitable Laughing Hills. The gnolls that occasionally wander into Callie's Thicket are swiftly dealt with by the more than capable halflings.

    The map is nowhere near complete, but I think there's enough there to get the general idea if the direction I'm going with it. I'm in a bit of a sticky spot with the water right now, so any suggestions will be more than welcome.

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