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Thread: GIMP 2.4 and LunarCell trouble...

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    Help GIMP 2.4 and LunarCell trouble...


    I've recently moved from Windows to Ubuntu 8.04, and I obviously want all my scripts and filters for GIMP work on Linux too. Everything was going all right, until I decided that I want to get LunarCell back...

    To start it on GIMP, I used (PSPI plug-in by Tor Lillqvist. So I successfully ported LunarCell, it was detected by the GIMP, and I started it. Nothing happened then - I just saw that message "Applying LunarCell blinked in status bar in main GIMP window, and an error message appeared in error log: because of internal error LunarCell stopped to work and "it could damage GIMP".

    Do you have any idea what could really happen? Could you please help me with this problem? I am not certain, but I believe I've already heard some other people experience this problem too, with almost all Flaming Pear filters.


    PS. I was not sure about where to put this post, so I wrote straight to Software Discussion. If it should be placed into filters and scripts directory, please move it.

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    Well first, Welcome Aboard!

    Unfortunately I don't know enough about Ubuntu and I'm not a GIMP user, but I'm sure someone will be along soon to help you with the problem.
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    Hi hunab,

    I am a GIMP and Linux user (though I use gentoo linux) and I'll try to answer your question. I didnt know of pspi until your post, so I will have to play around with it a bit, maybe tomorrow I can answer your question about LunarCell.

    About damaging GIMP. As long as you didnt run GIMP and pspi as root or did a sudo GIMP (which I sincerly hope you didnt do) not much could have happened. As a user you do not have the rights to write in the /usr path, so actually the only thing could have happened is that your .gimp folder in your home has lost data. But I highly doubt that as well.

    BTW if you like Ubunutu Linux I would recommend taking a look on Linux Mint. It is based on the Ubunutu distribution but offers more/better configuration tools and has slightly different software choices. As well as Ubuntu, Linux Mints main edition is Gnome based. In addition, if you want to use GIMP 2.6, I would recommend to switch either to Ubuntu 8.10 or Linux Mint 6. Both allready have GIMP 2.6 installed, Ubuntu 8.04 just has GIMP 2.4.

    EDIT: oh and you can take a look at my planet script for GIMP. It aint finished yet, but you allready can render a nice planet. I doesnt have a good cloud routine and it it doesnt have many options for sure if you compare it to lunarcell (or at least I assume that as I dont know lunarcell) but if you just need some random planets its more than fine
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