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Thread: A good drawing tablet?

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    Post A good drawing tablet?

    Hi together,
    this thread is inspired by shadowfanes thread in the WIP section ,where Arcana talked about buying a drawing tablet.

    I played around with the thought of buying such a fine tablet too, and since I am an absolute rookie on this topic, I would like to ask, which tablets would be good e.g. would come in for a closer look:
    I thought about an A5 to A4 sized tablet.
    Oh yes, and it shouldn't be too expensive. *g*

    Links would be great too.
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    I've come to find that Anything by Wacom is just sex when it comes to drawing tablets. They've got the art down, and I believe that anything else is probably going to be inferior in some tremendous way.

    I started out with a little 4x5 inch tablet to use for my 3d modelling skinning process, when I was painting skins for game models. I'm trying to learn how to draw and paint a little more detailed now, so I needed to move up to something bigger.

    I scored an Intuos 9x12 (I think...its at home so I can't double check) and its amazing. The only problem I've had with it is that for some reason I can't convince photoshop that the eraser end of the tablet should change to the eraser tool...but everything else works like a champ, and I believe the tablet is worth nearly 300 dollars. I got it by trading some double bass pedals.

    Thats just my thoughts on the subject though...I'm going to probably attempt to tablet trace a map within the next few days. Check out some of the map sfrom Dungeon Magazine, and you'll see what I mean about how it appears some of their finest cartographers actually use CC2 to layout maps, then trace over them perhaps digitally.
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    I too have a Wacom tablet ... I think a A5 version Intuos, but not sure.
    Chose it after looking around at tablets and haven't regretted it for a minute
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