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Thread: Need Opinion on Forest styles

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    Question Need Opinion on Forest styles

    If you've time, look a the attached and tell me which of the three styles of forest you think would work best with my old-school map of the Kingdom (I don't know how to link to another thread)

    The mountains and hills are just there to show the type of mountains the forest would be used with.

    Thanks for any input.
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    I'd go with a smaller variant of C.

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    I'm probably with C as well...densely packed forest though B has it's merits being similar and A would work for a different, pseudo-hand-drawn style.
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    I like 'A' though I think the trunks need to be a bit small/thinner.
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    I would go with a smaller varient of C. It looks the best to me (it's just a little large).

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    As it stands, I like C the best (although, like everyone else says, it needs to be a little smaller). I also like A, and earlier I saw a map that did the same type of thing, but had the closest outline of the forest drawn in individual trees. That style was cool then, and I think it would be cool now if you're already partial to A.

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    I like A for tropical trees and more dense stands of greenery.
    I like C for dense forest which is mostly more barren on the ground.

    I think I would like B if they were evergreens (I know a different shape) in colder regions with thinner forest.


    You should post a few different trees as brushes. You have a nice touch.

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