Picture this:

There's a long road in front it goes all the way to a tunnel then a huge bridge on the other side of the tunnel. To the right of the road there is a guard rail and a beach. To the left of the road are buildings like the ones on Turf(a Halo 2 map). Some of the buildings are accessible.(Some just the bottom floor others one could reach the 2nd floor, or the roof. The beach could have something like a tug boat wrecked on it. Water seeping in the lower parts of the boat. Seagulls could fly over head in the sky. The sun brightly shining. Also on the beach there could be patches of seaweed and beach chairs. The large metallic bridge would have two minor bridges in it(one leaving the beach and the other coming to it). There would side rails, side walks and lights on the side walk on the outer most part of each bridge.

Now Im not a very artist. I was wondering if someone would be willing to create a drawing or 3d model of my idea.
btw im new here.