Hi there. So I want to chuck my hat in the ring for the ICE challenge this month (deadline on the 31st of Jan). I need some inspiration to get something finished for this. I want to do a high fantasy map - some bizarre temple in an unusual place. Ideas:

1. A cloud temple on a mountain - part of the temple on the peak and other parts suspended on the cloud itself.

2. An ice temple (no pun intended for this competition!). A cavernous Ice vault with sharp icicles and crevasses. Not sure what interesting featuers this could have, though a fractured web of ice bridges on the approach over the crevasses would be quite nice.

3. A fire temple (okay, this is all get a little elementat focussed - not my original plan). A volcano lair with lava flows, pillars of flame and basalt altars.

Any other thoughts for nice high fantasy areas with interesting terrain? All inspiration gratefully received!