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Hello fellow gamers.

I'm releasing all my tokens for free.
I appreciate every person who has purchased tokens in the past, you have made the FUM site possible.
Today I will change the store to reflect this, all token packs will be free.

By making the tokens free I will free myself from needing to make large tokens sets. I've always tried to make the sets as large as possible to give people the largest bang for their buck.
Now I can release One or two or 10 token packs. I can make a larger variety of tokens on unrelated themes.

Future releases will include both hi and lo-res versions of the token. I am also going to go back and center all tokens in a square image, having realized that some programs work better with a token that is centered. I might also make a set that has a round base under the tokens to give them a "mini" feel and look.

I will still be taking custom orders for tokens or map objects for $4 per token/object.

The same copyright limitations still apply, you may now distribute the tokens freely but may not use them commercially in any way without my written permission.
You may mod them as much as you want and freely distribute any modified files.

From this point on I will have donation links, one for FUM and one for myself. There will be no set amount for donations.

More information and links to donate will be added to my token site....

In related news....
FUM is gearing up for iCon 09.
We are planning for a weekend in April to be this years greatest weekend for VT's .
Head to for more information.