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    Question Autosubscribe

    Is there an ability on this forum to automaticly subscribe to a thread when posted on one?

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    Yep -

    Click Thread Tools (at the top) and then "Subscribe to this thread"

    It will give you a choice of options, including instant email notification.

    -Rob A>

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    really? I suck. I was just getting ready to go through the forum options to see if I had turned this feature off...I guess not...good goin, thanks RobA!
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    Robbie Powell - Site Admin

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    Post Threat Hijacking

    Hmm may I hijack this threat?

    I did subscribe to a few threats and afterwards decided to sort my subscriptions in folders.

    Now when I subscribe to a threat I can choose where I wanna add that subscription, but I didnt find an option to sort my old ones.

    Do I have to delete and renew the subscriptions or is there any possibilty to move them into new folders?
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