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    Tutorial Compass Wheel - scripted

    This looked relatively simple, so I wrote a script to take care of it. The wheel can be anywhere from 301x301 to 3001x3001. The outer ring can be from 1-15 pixels thick. The pen that makes the compass lines is three pixels wide. The width of the arrows can also be controlled by the "Inner Arrow Thickness" command. I've attached the script (zipped) as well as the wheel that results from the script run with is default parameters.

    Hope this helps!
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    Post Thanks for the script

    Thanks for the script sambrookjm

    Nice to see some more GIMP scripters

    I did add you to the GIMP script and plgu-in overview
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    Post GIMP scripters

    Thanks for listing this in the GIMP Script catalog. I've done about a dozen or so different scripts for GIMP. I will put a lot of effort into being lazy! I use GIMP because it's free, and I don't have a copy of Photoshop.

    Some of the scripts I've done are really silly ones (making a Yin-Yang diagram...which I did mainly to muck around with selections) while others may be of use here (Planet, Gas Giant, Planetary Rings) I have one that I'm working on now that will do a star. When I get that one set, I'll post it for comments if so desired. Or should I just go ahead and post them all so everyone can comment and laugh at them?
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    Post 'em up, I promise not to laugh to hard

    Seriously tho, you should post them - maybe some of the GIMP users here can give you some ideas on tweaking/improving them.
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    Post Write 'em up and move 'em out!

    I'll start wrting up tutorials for the gas giants...even though they're scripted, it would probably be nice if people knew was was going on behind the scenes. I'm sure I'll get some very useful hints from the folks around here. My GIMP scripting "experience" is only about six monts worth, so they're still probably rough around the edges.
    I think I've had this Deja Vu before...

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