This is a subject that I asked privately, but I thought it might be useful to other hobbyists. We have an embarassing rich set of tools to choose from, Inkscape, GIMP on the freeside, Campaign Cartographer, Dunjinni, etc. So much so, that it is confusing to know which to use when.

I've been learning GIMP for awhile now, but I see people talk about vector based tools. I was curious to learn the differences and uses between the two, and I have found there's not really a clear cut definition of when to use either raster or vector. From what I understand, it seems that if you want smooth lines, non-pixellated text, or the ability to scale, you use vector. If you want textures, fills and other effects, you use raster. I'm not sure that's the whole story.

So I'd like to ask you all - when do you use vector vs. raster and more importantly - why? In talking to rank beginners - what should they learn from each tool and when does it make sense to use each tool?

Thank you.