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    Post A Dungeon Experiment

    I wanted to play a little with Overwatch's style in a dungeon. This is quite obviously a WIP, as I've only been working on the center room, and it's not done yet as well.

    I think it's also obvious how badly I need a tablet. This drawing with the mouse crap is for the birds!

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    I like it... you a have a small bit of artifact at the very top, near the middle. No big deal just thought I'd let you know it was there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Steel General View Post
    I like it... you a have a small bit of artifact at the very top, near the middle. No big deal just thought I'd let you know it was there.
    Thanks. I knew about it, but it's low on the priority list at the moment. I still haven't decided what I'm going to do with the walls yet.

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    I really like the green slime on the dungeon floor tiles.
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    Those floor textures really are lovely. The green works wonders.

    I'd tone down the texture on the walls a little - its a bit distracting at the moment. Otherwise, looking good.

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    I love the wall texture, can't keep my eyes off of filling it up with stuff (monsters, chests, etc) might make my eyes focus less on the walls.
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    That's a really cool start to the dungeon. I like the wall texture as well but I have a feeling it won't dominate as much as it does now once there are more stuff in the dungeon. I can't wait to see what comes of this.

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