Here are the first three maps of my Starship Sections project. My goal is to have 5-10 "section" maps which make up a larger starship. To keep the maps continuous the doors are all located in the same location on each map, so you can lay the maps side-to-side or end-to-end. They were made for Star Wars RPG, but feel free to use them in whatever universe you want. I wanted to share these for comments and critiques while I continue with the rest of the project.

Medical Bay:
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The medical bay has (from left to right) a bacta ward, a surgical suite, several rooms for patients, a patient monitoring room, two storage areas and physician's offices.

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The barracks has crew's quarters on the left and officer's quarters on the right. The center area is a common mess/recreation hall. Top middle is storage area and bottom middle is an armory.

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The engineering section has (from left to right) tractor beam power cells and a mechanic's workshop, a control room and a droid workshop, hyperdrives and power reactors. The hyperdrives and power reactors are in a recessed area (with catwalks overhead) with a drain running to behind the control room.

Another part of the project will include overlays for these maps. I envision these overlays as replacing ~1/6 of the map in order to keep the doors in the same locations. These overlays will allow a GM to replace one area of the map with something different - allowing the GM to customize the map to their taste. [I'll try to have a few examples up in the next few days to illustrate their use.]

Since these overlays are only a few rooms in the map, I would like some advise as to what would make a good overlay and what would be silly. I have currently thought of or had recommended to me: Armory, Barracks, Control Room, Detention Block, Cargo/Storage Area, Hanger (Vehicle or Starfighter), Garbage Compactor/Incinerator, Generators/Reactors, Hyperdrive, Mess Hall/Galley, Pit, Officer's Quarters, Mechanical Workshop, Droid Workshop, Security Station, Conference Room, Medical, Weapons' Control, Weapon (Turbolaser or Laser Cannon), Cantina, Firing Range/Practice Range, Greenhouse.

I'm building for the Star Wars universe, but I don't mind making something generic. Let me know what you think.