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    Wip Verdia

    A map I started a few days ago, plan is to use it for a couple things (AD&D campaign setting and a crpg I'm working on). I'll post more info eventually, right now looking for suggestions / crits.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Hi Mako,

    What software are you using?
    Some critique:

    - I like the general layout of your map, like the landmasses.
    - I also like the fonts you used.
    - The thick black line along the coasts make it look like the land is floating above the sea.
    - What are the lines along the coast in the water? It looks a bit weird. They are even in the lakes I see.
    - You should add an effect to the red text, like a glow, to make them stand out more. Some names are difficult to read.

    That's it for now. The thick black coastlines and the added lines in the water really tend to draw my attention. So it's hard to judge the terrain. Otherwise this is turning into a good map I think.

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    Looking pretty good

    I think the black lines are a bit too large - the ones around the landmasses are kind of stylish, but the ones through the middle are too big. I'm not sure if they're borders or rivers.
    The red text is hard to read in some places - part of it is the font, and part of it is because red and green are opposites and placing pure versions next to eachother makes them 'shimmer'.
    "The sea of seiges" has a typo, it's spelled sieges. Unless it's really the Sea of Seiges of course. Also, who or what is Itev and why should we beware him?
    The lines around the coast look a bit grainy. You could try blurring them just a little bit.

    I like all the different textures, the trees and the water especially. I also like that you added shipping routes to the seas. I also like the Shandindarrow Ocean, just for the awesome name.
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    Hah, you've got a Freeport in your map as well?

    I like how this map is turning out, it's really great! The only thing I have to say has already been mentioned with the siege typo :p

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    Thank you for the awesome feedback everyone. Some really nice suggestions and crits. I'll get to work on the map later this evening and post up a new version of it. A few notes:

    • I'm using photoshop.
    • The lines in the water around the land are supposed to represent waves.
    • The thick black lines around the land and running through them were boundaries.
    • Yea I used Freeport too, there's a town near here named that and it seemed to fit.

    I'll try to fix it up later on. Does anyone have a color suggestion for the text? I can't seem to find a color that works well. It seems if it works well in one place, it doesn't work in another. I'd rather not use multiple colors if possible. I'll try the glow suggestion for now, and I'll fix that typo.

    Again thanks to everyone.


    Almost forgot, I made a compass for the map last night too. However, my wife doesn't think it fits the style of the map. I'm not sure so I'll ask for your opinions. Here's a pic of the compass.

    Name:  compass.jpg
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    Updated the map.

    Added rivers, fixed a typo, changed the text some so it's easier toread and added my compass to it.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Been busy doing other stuff haven't had a chance to do much work on this, but here is a closer view of a one of the regions. I still have to make city images and such so I haven't placed any of that on the map, nor any names.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Escarca.jpg 
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