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Thread: All about city block tiling scripts.

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    Post All about city block tiling scripts.

    Now that the current challenge is over I wanted to get back to my thatching and other roof type experiments. I have been promising myself that I would thatch a whole city in one go which sounds like a barrel of laughs...maybe.

    Instead I thought it would be a better idea to get some tiled textures of city blocks so that I can shove these in and delete out the buildings I dont need with either the eraser tool or by using a mask. So this is an attempt to do that.

    What I am looking for is some C&C's about the textures posted and also what sort of roof types and stuff people want. Now I am only going to post the textures with the buildings as done because its taken me all night to make these in 3D. So I have the buildings as a height map and I can render this out with any kind of texture or roof on the top.

    So starting with thatching, how do these look ? Do you like the floor and thatch - ill upload these when were all happy as they are 4096 square PNG's which should tile seamlessly.

    Edit -- added lightened up version which I think is more representative of thatch.
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