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    Post Hello

    i really have no idea of what to tell you guys about me but let's try...
    hello all...
    my name is Henrique Gesler, i'm from Brazil and i'm 17(my birthday was yerterday!!01/31)...
    i'm a roleplayer and a DM too...
    i started to make some maps for my players but i only know paint...
    i make my first map with my hands, a paper and a pencil... it's quite nice so i decide to pass it to my pc so i could print it and have more copies than just one...
    i pass 3days making the map in the paint and i did something i though i could never do: a great map(at least i think and my players too...)
    but the paint do not allow you to do a lot things cuz almost everything you got do for yourself so it is not as nice as yours map, but for me, a newbie in the art of making maps, it was cool for now...

    i really wait you could give me some tips and tell me the best programs(for free!!cuz i can't buy it... i'm under 18 and cannot work...) i could use to improve my maps...
    i'm uploading the map i told you guys about...

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    Welcome Aboard!

    Since money is an issue regarding software then I strongly suggest you download and try GIMP.

    It's FREE!!!

    Not to mention there are some spectacular tutorials here to help you get started.
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    here is the maps... they are the same but the first one i edited after i made the second
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

Name:	mapa do mundo.png 
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Name:	MAPA.png 
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    gotta agree with SG on the Gimp suggestion. You can also think about Inkscape to do your line work in.

    At first I thought it was a city map, but then it clicked that it might be a regional map when I saw the mountains in the top left. Reminds me of some old maps that I saw some time ago. From the Middle Ages I think they were. Once that popped into my head it was quite easy to figure it out. I like it, but I think that some color would help distinguish the roads from the rivers.

    Which is where Gimp and Inkscape would help a lot.

    Anyway, here is some rep for the reminder of that map style
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    More brazilian guys

    Brincadeirinha,bem vindo abordo cara

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    Welcome to the Guild!
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    Welcome to the Guild, arathon. I also highly recommend GIMP and Inkscape as free tools that you should check out.

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    Hi arathon!

    Hope you don't mind, I replaced your bitmap (bmp) files with png files as they are much smaller and a bit more browser friendly.

    Oh yeah, welcome aboard!

    -Rob A>

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    don't worry...
    i don't mind... xD

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    I also am new and would like to say hello to everyone. Unfortunately, all of my maps so far have been made on paper, so I can't upload any, but thanks to the links at the beginning of the thread, hopefully I'll be able to soon!

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