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    Swiftfall Island

    A recently discovered island, Swiftfall is a paradise (or hell, depending on your view point) for adventurers. With very few settlements, and lots of exotic dangers, there is great fortune to be made, incredible discoveries to be found, and violent, disturbing death just around the corner.

    There are three major settlements in Swiftfall, and two lesser ones. Tranquil Cove is the largest, and aptly named. With no major forests or jungles near by, and gentle waters, this is the port of choice. The majority of trade is done here.

    Rockidge is the next largest. Initially started as a supply point for the lighthouse, it grew into a modest sized port when valuable resources were discovered in the forest to the north. The natives on the rive flowing out of the mountains also provide a source of trade goods.

    Turtle Point is the next in size. Turtles love the beaches around this port, hence the name. It was quickly discovered however that killing the turtles was a bad idea. Turtle Point is the shadier of the three ports.

    There are two small settlements, Koruin and Luthin.

    Almost nothing is known of the small island to the Northwest. The name of Death's Straight is well earned, as any ship that enters or is still there during nightfall disappears. The island itself appears to be a blackened wasteland that radiates death magic. All attempts to approach the island other than the staight has failed, the ship pulverized against the jagged rocks that surround it. The tower on the edge of the mountains seems to be occupied, as lights can be seen there at night. No contact has ever been made with the occupants though, and the few explorers that have visited the area report no apparent entry point.

    The Forbidden Sea is precisely that, forbidden. Any ship that dares enter it is destroyed. Ships that enter the sea are drawn into the center by some unknown force, where they disappear. As ships approach the sea, a sense of wrongness and unease begins to build.

    Not much is known about the ruins near the Forbidden Sea. Many exploration companies have been sent, and precious few return.

    Game Info:
    Much has been left vague or unsaid for a reason. This is more of a base-point than a fully fleshed out campaign. The death island is saturated with death magic, and is filled with undead, and perhaps other evil monsters. The sea monster could be just a regular monster, or it could be an other-worldly creature that's been bound to the center. The ruins are the remnants of a more advanced civilization of the remaining natives. They were destroyed in battle, initial against each other, with the final blow being struck by the sea monster and its minions.

    Edit: oh ick, that is way to small for the image. I'll get a new one up in a little bit.
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    Nice!I deserve you some rep.

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    I like your story for the map. I like it because I don't see much CC3 maps at all =(.

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