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    Post CB's Latest maps

    I'm very new here, but Steel General suggested I post some work, so here are my latest maps in each category.

    This is the Continent of Draconia from my campaign: The Isles of The Sun. I use only Paintshop and a WACOM pad for my overland maps. These large scale maps are my favorite part, and I always do them completely by hand. They used to be done in colored pencil, but when my new campaign needed to be on the internet, I invested in the WACOM pad, and my maps look better than ever (of course, there is always room for improvement )

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Draconia.png 
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    This is the City of Loa. My city maps are my weakest point. This one was made with RPG City Map Generator, then touched up in Photoshop. I'd like to find a better program for this, but this process, although a bit lengthy is working for now. The angularity of the roads is intentional. It's part of the strange nature of the Drakes in my campaign.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	loa.png 
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    The last one is one of the ancient temples on the Draconian Exile Colony (I didn't put it up in the post because it's huge). I've been using Dunjini for my Dungeon maps lately, and I really like it. You'll notice that there are no grid-lines or doors on my map. We play on Fantasy Grounds 2, so I let the program add the grid lines for me, and I use movable tokens for doors, so that I can open and close them visually.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Ancient Draconian Temple in the hills of Exile Island.png 
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