Hi guys,

I registered a while ago but never really took part here. I intend to change that, and therefore I thought I'd quickly pop a "hello dudes and dudettes" post in.

My main hobby is world-building, something that I have been doing for many years, and map-making is a part of that hobby. I have recently begun to try and create more professional than just "random notes suitable for an RPG campaign", and practicing my drawing skills is part of that effort. I am still at the beginning of my "career" as a cartographer. I mostly use Inkscape, but am looking at other tools to compliment it.

I should probably mention that I am colorblind (not completely, but quite a limited in what I can perceive) because it will result in weird colors now and then; if you notice anything, please kindly point it out and I'll fix it.

I don't have much to show off yet, my first "real" attempt to create a "nice" map was a Barsoom-like planet. The first completed version was this:

And it mutated into an entirely unique planet, not based on Mars more than in spirit, where the current map is this:

I am currently working on a map for another world, called Thraeton, for which I am using Google Earth for visualization and it's quite interesting to see one's worlds as actual spheres.

Anyway. I'll talk more about that in the proper forums when I have some actual artwork to show. I'm looking forward to learning more about making pretty maps, and to talk to all of you on these forums.

- Nils