My name is Michael and I have been playing D&D for over a decade. I also enjoy Warhammer 40k as well as several other table-top games.

My friends and I started playing 4th edition D&D a few months ago after a gaming hiatus of several years, and are having an absolute blast. I am the DM.

I had really been hoping to find a community like this, so I was psyched when one of my players linked me to Cartographers' Guild. My problem is that I can't make maps!

I am a professional graphic designer, so I have access to Photoshop and any other software that one would think might come in handy when making D&D maps. The thing is, I can't draw! Not even a stick figure. So I need to find ways to make maps that have nothing to do with actually drawing them out by hand.

I look forward to browsing the forums and getting to know everyone. Incidentally, if any of you think my skills might be of use to you, don't hesitate to ask. I left my email address public.