Hi. I'm a D&D dungeon master and would like to ask if this community can make one overland map for me.

The new Forgotten Realms has earthmotes, basically freestanding islands of terrain. You might have seen similar things on the cover of Yes albums, or in the World of Warcraft zone Nagrand. I would like to see the top of a large earthmote for an adventure site.

The earthmote is 2 miles in diameter at the top. I imagine it has open grasslands, rifts, a keep, a few hills, a mountain, a couple houses, etc. The only thing it must have is a river that spills over the side of the earthmote. Basically a 2-mile section of fantasy landscape, with sky around it.

Can someone help me with this please?

Commission: Unpaid
Time constraints: Two months
Style: Overland, non-isometric, colorful Dundjinni style
Quality & size: Semi-professional, only used for web & home use, dimensions less than 8” x 11” when printed
Copyright: Artist retains copyright