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Thread: Niederbergen - by Ruedy

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    Map Niederbergen - by Ruedy

    Map (Click to enlarge)

    Created in: Wilbur / Gimp

    What is interesting and different about this map is that it is not fantasy or Sci-Fi, but a modern map of an alternative world. Consequently the layout, colours, key and topography are laid out accordingly. The mountain ranges were created in Wilbur and exported to Gimp.

    Ruedy has done a fantastic job of replicating to a professional level a tourist map style using tools that are freely available on the internet. There is nothing surplus to requirements in the map, every element has a purpose and clarity is paramount.

    Ruedy is one of a number of 'micronation' mappers who have recently joined the guild and have enriched the guild with a new style and genre of mapping.

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