Hello All,
My Name is Ibrahim, most people call me Abe, I'm a Game Developer for an Indie RPG Gaming group called Insomnium Games. I helped publish my friend's book - Abeo, but I've got my own ideas I'm spinning with.
To get to the chase, I'm working on a Sci-fi/Fantasy RPG called (so far) "Last Age". The game revolves around a post apocalyptic world of magic and mystery one thousand years after the "Big Boom" that nearly destroyed everything.

The time frame allows society to be reborn and memories of the past to be forgotten into the stories of folklore. So here's where you guys come in. My brother-in-law got me connected to this group and hooked me up with GNU. But I'm trying to create a world that looks like It came out of a Nuclear holocaust - then add 1000 years for most of the radiation to fade and large cities fall to forest wastes and have people rebuilding again.
So far I've found no maps to help me and all the post-apocalyptic themes I've seen have only been fewer than 2 or 300 years ahead (Fall out, I am Legend, and misc. Anime I could pull up on the net).

So that's it - I'll probably be posting more. But I thought it wouldn't hurt to toss a line out for any creative minds to join my thought process.