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Thread: Spiral Staircase Shading Macro Idea [CC2/CC3]

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    Post Spiral Staircase Shading Macro Idea [CC2/CC3]

    I'm SOOOO not a CC2/3 scripter...I REALLY need to put forth a bit of effort to learn it...but in the meantime, I was wondering if anyone would like to help me figure out some of the logistics of this particular script idea I have.

    Its regarding the CStair macro by Ralf...its an awesome macro, and I'm using it extensively to make staircases in towers, just like it was designed...but the staircases are missing depth.

    I put up a post on CC2-L but without the ability to include images its kinda hard to describe, so this post will include an image so you can see what I'm doing.

    I'm using the transparency fills of CC3 (10% version) and overlapping them with the ARCS command to create a progressively darker shading overlay.

    I made this particular staircase pictured (before and after shading) with the CStair macro and manually overlapped the transparency arcs. But the effect with wallshadow and all is just awesome if you ask me.

    I need to take Ralfs macro and remove the fact that it creates both light and dark stair segments and make it so it just creates single shorter and shorter arcs along the ARCS stored points path.

    Then I need to figure out if its even possible to create a fillstyle that is not in the current template and use it for the arcs it creates.

    So the process should be:
    -Stair (shading?) width
    -Stair (shading?) depth
    -Center Point
    -Starting Point
    -Ending Angle

    It should use the '\Bitmaps\Tiles\Transparencies\solid 10.png' bitmap fill with alpha transparency turned on (even if its not in the current template)

    Anyone got any ideas? Here's Ralfs script for reference (I'll remove if there's copyright problems):

    //the next macro draws a staircase along an arc
    //by Ralf Schemmann (improved by Morgan Olden)
    COLOR 16
    FSTYLE Solid
    LSTYLE Solid
    GV sw1 ^DStair width:
    GV stw1 ^DStep depth:
    LWIDTH sw1
    IFERR edg
    GP p1 ^DCenter:
    IFERR edg
    GP p2 ^DStarting point:
    IFERR edg
    ARCS p1 p2 ^D
    GP p3 @0,0
    ARCS p1 p2 p3
    ARCS p1 p2 p3
    GDIST r1 p1 p2
    GBRNG a1 p1 p2
    GBRNG a2 p1 p3
    ifn a1-a2 SkipAngleAdjust
    gv a2 a2+360
    gv stw1 360/(3.1416*(r1*2))*stw1
    GV b1 a1+0
    GV b2 a2+0
    GV b3 b2-1
    GV stepi 1.0
    IFP stw1-b3 edg
    COLOR 14
    FSTYLE Solid
    GV a3 b2-(stw1*stepi)+(stw1*1/3)
    ARCR p1 r1 a1 a3
    ESC COLOR 16
    GV a4 b2-(stw1*stepi)
    ARCR p1 r1 a1 a4
    ESC ARCR p1 r1 a1 a4
    GV stepi stepi+1.0
    IFP (b2-(stw1*stepi))-b1 step
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