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Thread: Annara (D&D4E Regional)

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    Wip Annara (D&D4E Regional)

    Hi folks!

    Long time no news from me, but again I return to present some new stuff. I've recently (shortly before christmas) got myself a Wacom Intuos3 and have been playing around when college let me have some time for myself.

    I also recently got a few friends of mine to try roleplaying and for their effort in getting into the game, I make an effort to make it as pleasing as possible, including visuals.

    I've been mapping thusly, since yesterday, creating the map I simply call "Annara"

    I wish to ask of you all to answer me a question: Which of the 2 versions looks better? The one with brown color included, making mountainous and hilly regions more visible, or the brown-less variant with hills/mountains being marked less obviously.

    Added Note: No rivers yet, they will come in time
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    Looks very nice. I think I prefer the one with brown in it.

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    Brown for me too.

    (Good to see you around again !)

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    So I'll work a little more with the brown, until the majority tells me otherwise.

    Also I'm happy to be back... I've trained a little, specifically with THIS tutorial. Honestly, I do not like the outcome of those tutorials all too much, but it gave me some insights on how to find my own style, seeing as I always had huge problems with mounts (I always drew them "comic"-style, as evident from my older material).

    If everything goes well, I might get around to be a little more active again, even though I doubt it with the lot of projects going on (Teaching folks Go, RPG's, College, Personal Matters, ...).

    Anyways, thanks for your opinions, I've got some more stuff worked up. Added rivers and a little bit of plains here and there (brighter greenish-yellow areas).
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    Nice start MadLetter, add my voice to those who prefer brown in your maps as well. If you can further blend the landmasses with the water (or at least make the relief between the two a little bit less sharp), you'll have a great map.

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    Okay I tried it without the "Stroke" I used to make land and sea more distinct. I'm very pleased with the outcome, thanks for the input.

    More input is always welcome
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    While I like the way things look, the brown seems to blur the mountains. Can you make them more distinct? It seems to me that there is a bit of a glow to the brown areas as well.

    I do like where this is goung, but I would like to "see" the mountains more.

    Have some rep for the work you have done
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    I could reduce the translucency on the mountains a little more. The glow might come from me using a Gaussian Blur filter on the areas after roughly coloring them...

    Any good suggestions for making it more distinct?

    Oh, thanks for the Rep by the way!

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    I'll throw in my vote for the one with the brown.

    Keep going, this is coming out nicely.
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    I don't have any suggestions whatsoever but I like how this is going...good job.
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