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Thread: CC3 help... Dundjinni?

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    Post CC3 help... Dundjinni?

    Well I grabbed Dundjinni for all of it's dungeon level symbols after reading on the CC3 site that CC3 would autodetect the presence of dundjinni and import all of the files from it. However, after installing dundjinni, uninstalling CC3 and reinstalling it, still nothing has happened. i tried going into CC3 and manually importing images from dundjinni, however all of it's image files are some weird format that cc3 wasn't recognizing. Does anyone here use DJ as well? How the heck do I do this?

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    Have not received my Disc of DD3 yets so I have not tried making a dungeon Map with DD3 yet.
    Just got my Disc of CC3 and starting to use it.
    I was one of those that never got the Online Download to never work

    I do believe that the size of files used in Dundjinni and DD3 are different
    DJ is 200x200 for 5 foot and DD3 is 300X300.

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    The problem is the format of the Fluid art-pieces. Fluid is the company that buidl DJ. They created a special format for their own files ... djx-files. No other program can read those files.

    However, what was meant on the CC3 site is all the user art you can download from the DJ site (don't ask me how much there are, but it must be around 15.000 or more). Those pieces are all png-files and those should be detected by CC3.


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