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Thread: Looking for Urbis-compatible maps

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    Help Looking for Urbis-compatible maps

    As some of you might know, I am developing a setting called Urbis - A World of Cities which has gotten fairly large over the years (if you want to see how large, take a look at my map in this thread. The idea of the setting could be summed up as: "A typical D&D fantasy world moves out of its feudal phase, goes through a magical industrial revolution, and ends up with a large number of powerful city-states with population figures of six or seven digits."

    I've recently moved away from my old site to a new, wiki-based site. And one of the changes I have made is to add a "Designer's Notes & Resources" section to each entry. And I'm looking for ways to fill that section out.

    What I am looking for now are maps that could describe specific locations within the setting. These don't have to be new maps - it is perfectly acceptable if you have pre-existing maps that can be justified within the context of the setting.

    So browse through the Urbis Wiki, and if you think that one of your existing maps fits for a specific entry within it, suggest it here and I will add a link to your map from the entry if I consider it appropriate. This way, I can offer additional resources to Urbis DMs, and you get more people looking at your maps.

    (Of course, if you want to create a new map for one of the entries, I wouldn't complain either... )

    How does this sound?

    EDIT: Just to clarify, of course you will retain all copyrights to your map. All I will be doing is add a link to it from the wiki - I won't upload it to the wiki itself unless you specifically permit it, and even then I will be adding an appropriate copyright notice.
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