I got very tired of trying to work out climate for Thraeton, so I experimented with drawing caves / caverns instead.

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Not clean enough for what I had in mind, but I think I kinda like it anyway. Maybe someone will find the style useful.

Quick instructions:

- Created in Inkscape
- Rivers and the little crevices were made with the calligraphy tool (width based on pressure of pen)
- Main lake was made with freehand tool
- combined lake+rivers, duplicated the result then used outset function twice on a clone of the object to create the larger cave
- Duplicated larger cave and used outset tool a whole lot of times to create the surrounding rock
- Style: Both the rock and the cave itself are actually duplicated and thus each consist of two geometrically identical objects; one has a texture, the other a gradient (for the rock) or a slightly transparent white (for the cave)
- The river+lake has a straightforward blue gradient applied.