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Thread: World map - Calendor

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    Wip World map - Calendor

    Although my modest skills are ridiculed by those of some other people whose work I looked at in this board, I'm posting my current WIP. Criticism and tips are more than welcome, that's how I can improve.

    Essentially, this is the overview map of a world I'm building for a D&D campaign; this is why I have put only one city (the capital) per region. I can't really tell you much about the world, because I always start my projects with a map...

    What do you think of the borders? Should I change them to a dotted line so as to intrude less?

    Redrobes is going to be happy, I have a few french names up on the map
    EDIT: Totally forgot to crop the map Sorry.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    This is a pretty good map megahunter, you certainly have nothing to be ashamed of! It looks like you are using CC3?

    The borders are a bit too much I think. There's a tutorial on this site how to do political maps. Maybe you can use it?

    Also you might want to give the labels a bit more bang. Maybe add a glow or something.
    And lastly, maybe put the mountains a bit closer together and vary in their size.

    Have some reputation as I think it's a cool map and you are definitely on the right track.
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    It's a great start.

    Now for the critiques...I would change the 'fleshy' color background below the mountains to something a little more 'earthy'. Could the mountain symbols be more 'pushed together' as Gandwarf suggested, sure, but I think they are OK as is. Label-wise I think you should vary the size a bit. Country names one size (probably the largest), oceans another, and mountain & forest names a third each slightly smaller than the other.
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