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Thread: Scales of War Part 01 Rescue at Rivenroar

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    Post Scales of War Part 01 Rescue at Rivenroar

    Hello all,

    I discovered this site 3 days ago, thanks to a friend of my gaming club.

    As I will start the Scales of War campaign soon, I had been a couple of weeks busy preparing the maps (see, sometimes we use an LCD screen and a laptop; we project the maps on the LCD screen and use miniatures).

    Anyway, I finished today most maps of Rescue at Rivenroar. As I have not seen maps posted here about this part of the Scales of War campaign, I'll post mine. They are the first serious maps I've ever done, so please bear that in mind, as I'm no professional designer.

    Also, I have adapted a little bit the adventure to my taste. I'll try to post some comments with each map where I have added anything special.

    Last but not least, thanks to nickverto for publishing his maps for the 3rd part of the campaign... man, they are great and I will surely use them... you saved me a lot of work! I hope my maps help other people too.

    edit- I almost forgot:
    1. My maps have a resolution of 60 pixels per inch (so that they work correctly with the LCD screen of my club).
    2. Also, I have not added a grid, so that those of you who want to do other maps can get the objects in my map easily. If any of you prefers them with grid, I could work on that (though not a priority) as it should be automatic

    edit2- I have created the grid for all maps. It was quite easy, so I will add the grid version to each section of this post. I am now working in two further maps to finish this section, a tactical map for the combat in Brindol (and for fun, as I am having a lot designing it) and a tactical map for the Kruthik encounter.
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    This is the map of the tavern where the campaign starts. As it was my first map, I did not add anything special.

    edit- I added extra details and nicer furniture. I also made some changes to adapt the map to the Brindol battle map I'm creating.
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    This is the map of the first room of the Rivenroar dungeon.

    I added two special things:
    1. A crate of chickens the Goblins have stolen at the village. I plan to tell my players that they smell a delicious aroma coming from the dungeon when they descend the stairs. It is also a good explanation to make the Goblin guards too busy to pay much attention.

    2. Generally, I prefer not to use too much traps in my adventures. So, in this case, I have substituted the braziers with a hanging chandelier. One Goblin will throw the switch by the northwestern torch to let the chandelier start swinging around, and the Goblins Sharpshooters will stay behind, shooting their crossbows.

    All the squares between the doors except the four squares (2x2) in front of each door will be affected by the swinging chandelier (that's an area of 2x7).

    Everyone that goes through the affected squares will suffer a +4 Reflex attack. A hit does 1d6 damage and leaves the creature prone. Someone who moves through each affected square as if it was difficult terrain gets a +2 bonus to his Reflex defense.
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    Post Rooms 2-4 of Rivenroar Dungeon

    Couple things to mention here:

    1. I added some graffitti in room 2, as I find it nice to be able to convey some jokes with the maps, hehe. The one here says "Orcses Suck". You'll see more graffittis in other rooms.

    2. Room 2 also has a crate of fish. The Hobgoblins will be merrily eating some fried fish, and this will help me add some more fluff to the story. The brownish thingy northeast of the fire is the fish remains. I have also added some stains to the bedrolls of the Hobgoblins; this will help me remember to describe my players how dirty the whole place looks.

    3. I have added four statues in the room with the magic portrait (room 4). They are just normal statues (at least in my campaign will be), but I am sure my players will get anxious about them... playing with their minds is always great.
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    Post Rooms 5-7 of Rivenroar Dungeon

    1. The black stain in room 5 is where the Magma Claws will appear.

    2. The text on the floor in room 5 says "Hail Von Urstadts! Ascend with Glory!", as the adventure suggests. I've made two changes here:
    a. I have written it in Latinish (not real Latin, but I am Spanish, and Spanish comes mostly from Latin, so it should be close enough);
    b. I have also used Greek font. I will explain what the text means to the players if they pass a History DC10 check (and say it is Ancient Common or something similar).

    3. The Gnomes' camp is in room 6.

    4. I plan to have some spider swarms help the ettercaps in room 7. Squares with Spiderwebs will require an Athletics or Acrobatics DC12 check to avoid getting stuck. Squares adjacent to the spiderwebs will be DC10 (as the adventure suggests).
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    Awesome maps Cogollo. I repped you for them. I am sure you made several people very happy.
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    First off...Welcome Aboard!! I dub thee newly repped for uploading a map in your first posts *bonk*

    These are really nice - keep up the good work.
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    Post Rooms 8-9 of Rivenroar Dungeon

    1. In the corridor of room 8, I've written "Here lie..." with Greek font.

    2. In room 9, the graffitti reads "Gobos Powa".

    3. I've marked the intersecting walls of rooms 8 and 9 as in the adventure PDF.
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    Good stuff mate!

    Ojala que sigues haciendo mas mapas de excelente calidad!
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    Post Room 10 of Rivenroar Dungeon

    So, nothing special about this map, which lets me add one comment to the whole dungeon.

    I did not liked the idea that most of the treasure of the adventure lies in the sarcophaguses of the tomb. I don't think my players will want to take the role of Tomb Robbers in Scales of War(though in a campaign I did with the Warhammer rules they surely would have). That's why I have, in general, placed chests, crates and bags in all rooms with Hobgoblins or Gnomes. The treasure parcels will be lying in these containers instead of in the tombs.
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