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    Post GIMP Script: Thatch

    As I have been tormenting gimp users in this thread with promises of this script being complete, I think it is ready for prime time

    ; Version 2.5 (20080209)

    This will "thatch" a heightfield with a specified pattern. with the pattern rotated to line up "downhill"
    If there is a selection, only the area within the selection will get thatched.


    "Invert the heightfield" - unchecked expects high=1, checked will use high=black
    "Select a thatch pattern" - the pattern to cover the surface with. It should really be a tileable pattern
    "Pattern 'downhill' orientation" - "Right" "Up" "Left" "Down" reflects the downhill sloping direction of the pattern
    "0 angle offset (degrees)" - adjust the lighting base angle, from 3:00, 0 to 360 degrees, ccw.
    "Number of 'faces' to calculate" - The number of downhill directions to create
    "Blending between 'faces'" - The number of pixels to blur and overlap each of the faces. This doesn't blur the waterline.
    "Flat area strength" - Adjust how close to flat a section of the heightfield has to be to get the omni directional blend of the pattern. Set to 0 will use NO omni directional blend layer.
    "Make 0 elevation transparent" - checking this turns the 0 elevation transparent in the final result. unchecked it will be considered as a flat area and get the omni directional blend
    "Create a bumpmap layer" - check this to add a bumpmap layer in overlay mode on top.
    "Lighting angle for bumpmap" - if the above is checked, the angle for the lighting.
    "Create a softlight layer" - if checked, a "white high" copy of the heightfield will be added, at 50% opacity in softlight mode
    "Merge thatching to one layer" - if checked, the resultant thatch image is merged down to one layer, otherwise all of the layers are left to allow manual adjustment. It doesn't merge the bumpmap or softlight layers, however.
    "Create new image" - if checked, the thatch will be a new image, otherwise it will be new layers in the existing image.
    The script requires as input a greyscale heightfield image. It uses a FLATTENED version of the current image, so any non-heightfield layers need to be hidden.

    The other thread has examples galore, starting on page 2. here are some screen grabs in use...

    The heightfield with the area selected to thatch:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	t_docs1.jpg 
Views:	114 
Size:	121.1 KB 
ID:	10159

    The Thatch script dialog:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	t_docs2.jpg 
Views:	116 
Size:	57.6 KB 
ID:	10160

    The result (you can see the script reduces the area as small as it can):
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	t_docs3.jpg 
Views:	156 
Size:	137.6 KB 
ID:	10161

    And the layer stack created for these options:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	t_docs4.jpg 
Views:	90 
Size:	32.6 KB 
ID:	10162

    Oh yeah. I am using a scaled down version of Redrobes' thatch as a pattern. (it is also rotated 90 degrees because the earlier versions of the script required it to be that way...)

    The rest of the demo textures I used came from a variety of texture sites that I took and scaled down... Here is a Google Search.

    -Rob A>
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