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Thread: Campaign: Isles of Adventure

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    Wip Campaign: Isles of Adventure

    This is my first post here! I found this forum a little while ago and love all the information. THis is also the first map that i have digitalized of my first ever campaign in my first homebrew setting. So its alot of firsts.

    My setting at the moment before we expand into the rest of the world is a series of islands centered in the middle of a temporal oddity. So directions and distances are messed up on all of the maps they have found.

    Using CC3 (just learning it as well) i have digitized my first map here. Comments, thoughts or tips?

    Island 1
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    First off...Welcome Aboard!

    Secondly, since you uploaded a map in your very first post I will dub thee... newly repped *bonk*

    It's a very nice start for someone just picking up CC3 (I'm not a CC user), but I think what it needs is a bit of variety on the terrain. For example, change the land beneath (and slightly out from) the mountains to a brown or grey. You could also change the color of the ground beneath the hills in the NE to a darker green.

    For me this would help to 'break up' things a bit. After a minute or so all I start ssing is the jungles or the terrain underneath.

    Be sure to check out the tutorials section, there are some really good ones on CC3.
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    Welcome to the Guild.

    First, I put your map in as an attachment (some folks like to 'view the little versions first, I do ).

    Second, it is indeed a nice start with CC3 you have there. I can see you are experimenting with some glows and blurs, so I know you are well on your way to some good maps.

    Good Work and have some REP.
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    Welcome aboard!

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    It looks tons better than anything I could ever produce with CC Some labelling and a scale probably wouldn't hurt, though.

    Welcome to the guild.

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