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    Post Greetings

    Hello, I am looking in to improve my (meagre) map-making skills. I am also interested to see what software is used by people and what they can get out of it

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    Welcome to the Guild.

    Biggest software use is GIMP and CC3 (

    Myself I use CC3 exclusively and I think I get good results from it
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    Welcome Aboard!

    I use Photoshop, and on occasion 1 or 2 others, though it's few and far between.
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    Welcome aboard

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    Welcome to the Guild!

    I use CC3, Photoshop, and Illustrator. You can see what few maps I've managed to take to completion in my gallery, viewable through my public profile.
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    Welcome to the Guild!

    I use Xara Xtreme for all, most or some of my maps. I use Photoshop/GIMP for some image editing/bump map stuff, Nendo/Raydream for 3D objects, terrain, effects, and PD Particles for plants sometimes. Sometimes I hand-drawn, scan and enhance in Xara.

    You use what you're most comfortable with or what gets you the results you want. Its more important what you use, not what we do, because our software of choice is all so different.

    There is a core of GIMP and CC3 users here, though, as NK mentioned.

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    Welcome to The Guild. I'm a pea brain so I can't figure out how to use them fancy schmancy vector programs so I just go with Photoshop. Gets me through just about everything except some of the fancier brush work that you can get with GIMP and vectors (image tubes and aligning the brush to a path, respectively).
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