I'm very novice with my CC3 and would like some assistance improving a base map I've done for a county in our setting.

Base Map: Click Here

Information on Country/Region being mapped: Click Here

Alterations to this map: I would prefer to have the area below this country not be blackened out as I did it. This was because I only knew how to place landmass on water at the point that I made it. For information on mapping anything on this below country (entirely optional but man that'd be a nice effect as well), click here. (Overall map of entire setting available here to know where mountains and such go)

The map I made is not totally complete. The named towns are about right, though better symbols for them could be used. The mountain range in the west could possibly be better laid out. Most of the snow/ice symbol that is repeated over and over can be changed to just a basic cold terrain, i just couldn't find a good one. Any other small towns/villages can be added around the place - just keep a cold and/or russian names theme. The lake can be smaller.

I will have the right to use the image for Valgora purposes, the artist will have the right to exhibit the image as part of his portfolio but not to exploit it for commercial gain.

Just a light hobby if someone gets bored. I'll be working on it but from some of the work I've seen loads better can be done.

If other people are bored I'm making maps for each country in our setting, and any help is appreciated. You can read up on each individual country and see their basic borders-size-layout here.