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    Post Regional Map (simplistic)

    Ok, from the WIP thread comes this little map.

    The Gol-en-Naȟarenden is in the the region of Katang, the orc lands. Initially its own kingdom, the area became the battle scene of a terrible and ancient war, After the war, the once lush and beautiful kingdom became a barren and desolate place where nothing of beauty grows, the animals are fell beasts and even the remaining trees are gnarled and sinister. The main feature is the Erek-en-Naȟarenden, the mountain (erek) of the dead god (Naȟarenden). This mountain is not a natural feature, but rather an unnatural one. The chasms around the mountain are called the Kenaȟt-en-Naȟarenden (the wound of the dead god). The mountain and chasms were made by magic and the destruction of ancient fell beasts. The clashing of great arch-mages, both good and evil, along with their magical beasts did sunder the earth below causing a massive earthquake that forced the plates that make up the Erek-en-Ghel to snap upwards creating a massive jagged knife of rock to rip through. The lava flows killed many who were there and many fell beasts of the underworld were unleashed. The temple of Anora was where the noble knights and mages who gave their lives to battle the darkness were interred, but ages passed and little more than a few white pillars and rubble remain to be seen. Kraggak's Fall is where the dark mage, Kraggak Mehros Nakastaris fell and all those wicked and twisted were banished into the netherworld. It's black obsidian stones still resonate with evil and travelers can still hear the dark whispers whenever they pass near the accursed place.

    It is nearly surrounded by the Erek-en-Ghel range to the north and the Set-en-Naȟarenden to the south. Access to the plains can be achieved by either the mountain pass near En in the south-west, the mountain pass near Erket in the east, the Set-en-Naȟarenden in the south, or the dangerous river crossing from the north.

    I have posted a map with no text so you can print out and make your own game out of it. Just please give credit should you use it. The runes have my name "Sergio Humberto Peńa Quintero" to the left and "Cundinamarca Campaign" on the bottom, so I have left my mark

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