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Thread: Map - Northern Wilderness - World of Kesumi

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    Map Map - Northern Wilderness - World of Kesumi

    OK, I am taking a short break from town mapping since I am kind of stuck, and will resume working on the rest of my world.

    This is the Northern Wilderness, and I am just getting started, so this is a bit of a teaser map. I may have to do my forests differently since they cover the majority of this map.
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    Very nice. *goes off to sit in a corner to reconsider how he is doing his own maps*

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    The forests looks really good but I think they could use a bit of sat/hue noise.
    The mountains are spectacular!
    You've got a bit of a sharp cut off to the west, but I think you know it.

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    WHAAAAAA"nderfull ! ! !
    I really love the way you rise mountains (and by the way, I'm dreaming to know the secrets held behind)

    BRAVO !

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    Yes, finally ... i was looking forward to more from this project. And the northern wilderness was one i was especially looking forward to ^^

    Looks good so far. I'm curious to see how this one turns out.
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    Great start! The mountains are indeed fantastic. I think all the forests need is something to give them "depth" (for lack of a better word), they seem kind of flat.

    The red text in the 'south' is extremely difficult to read, but that may be due to resolution issues. The label accross the mountains in the south needs something to make it stand out a bit more, it's getting lost. I nfact I missed it entirely the first time I looked at the map.

    Look forward to seeing how this turns out.
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    Post Very Nice!

    Hi, landorl.

    Just wanted to make a quick comment on your "teaser" map. It is very nice. I really like your mountains. Care to share how you made them.

    It might be nice to give your forests a bit of "depth" -- that is, a small bevel? in order to raise them a bit off the ground.

    I look forward to your continued development of what is going to be a really excellent map.


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    another request for the method behind those mountains

    Teaser map is looking great though, keep it up

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    Very nice, definitely keen to see how this turns out. I agree the forests need a bit of colour variation - though the overall style is really good. The labelling of the southern mountains definitely needs a bit of a change to pull it out of the background. Great stuff.

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    It looks great, so far, and I agree with the others on some of the points of constructive criticism, so I have nothing new to add but additional encouragement.
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